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Ron's Co-Workers

Willie Anderson, Sr.
Jim Campbell
Bob Crews
Larry DeVore
Florida Citrus Mutual Calling
John Gilman
Eddie Glover
Bob Helmick
Mike Helminski
Don Hiers
Alex Houston
Joe Pyne Show
Jim Maloy
Bill McClure
Duane McConnell
Yvonne McDaniel
Pat Morgan
Buddy Penn
Jonnie Pinkston
Terry Roberts
Dave Ross
Dan Sanborn
Gene Schlei
Jerry Smithwick
Smoke House Serenade
Bill Snyder
Dave Sousa
Steve Sparkman
Tom Talcott
George Tuttle, Sr
Bob White
Bob Wolfe
Shirley Wolfe

Ron Fraiser

Ron had been Music Director at WROD in Daytona Beach before leaving in 1967 for what would turn out to be a short stay at WONN in Lakeland. His next stop was to do mid-days at WHOO in Orlando before moving on to Norfolk, VA.

Ron later became one of the “Good Guys” at WPOP in Hartford, CT where he was billed as “The Real Tom Jones” and pulled the mid-days shift. He also worked across town at WCCC before heading to other markets including Syracuse, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Baltimore, Tampa, and Cleveland. You can see him in a few major Hollywood motion pictures, too, including Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws 2, and Cocoon.

Today (2006) Ron is at WABB in Mobile where he’s been doing morning drive since 2002.

Station History

1967 - 1967 WONN (On Air Personality)

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