Who's Who at WONN

Tommy's Co-Workers

Willie Anderson, Sr.
Brad Baad
Linda Baad
Marji Bedgood
Frank Berry
Al Brock
Charlie Brown
Dave Campbell
Florida Citrus Mutual Calling
Joe Garagiola
Eddie Glover
Dick Goleno
Charles Hasbrouck
Robert King
Jay Kuppers
Mike Lusk
Pat Morgan
Mike Parrish
Buddy Penn
Jonnie Pinkston
Joyce Robbins
Dan Sanborn
Frank Schulte
Alan Wendt
Chris Wolf

Tommy Reynolds

Tommy worked 6 P.M. to midnight on WONN in 1975 and 1976 and with his friend, Ducky, became very popular with the night crowd. Actually Ducky was just a yellow rubber duck that quacked (left over from Tommy’s childhood, no doubt) but the interaction between the two of them sometimes made one wonder who was running the show.

Tommy graduated from Lakeland High School and worked at WVFM and WQPD using the name Tommy Edwards. He left WONN in 1976 and moved to the night shift at Tampa Bay’s country WQYK as Kris Erik Stevens before returning for a final stint at WQPD, again as Tommy Edwards.

Tommy left radio in the early 1980’s.

Station History

1975 - 1976 WONN (On Air Personality)

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