Who's Who at WONN

Tim's Co-Workers

Willie Anderson, Sr.
John Bond
Nancy Cattarius
Larry Cox
Yvonne Cummings
Dick Eyrich
Eddie Glover
Dick Goleno
Darla Hall
Robert Hall
Bonnie Higbie
Charlie Hilliard
Steve Howard
Ed Kirkland
Pat Morgan
Tunie Moss
John Newman
Brenda Roberts
Arthur Rowbotham
Bonnie Rowbotham
Lenn Spears
Shari Szabo
Reba Zoellner

Tim White

Tim was chief engineer for Hall Communications’ WAMR-AM and WCTQ-FM in Venice from 1986 to 1988. When the combo was sold, he moved to a like position at Hall’s Lakeland stations WONN-AM and WPCV-FM.

Since 1989, the Chillicothe, Ohio native has worked for Entercom, Radio One, the Curtis Media Group, Technical Broadcast Consultants and Piedmont Communications in North Carolina, Broadcast Electronics in St. Louis, and Opus Broadcasting in Tallahassee. In 2006, he returned to southwest Florida and spent three years as market director of engineering for Clear Channel’s Sarasota cluster, then went on to become a technical support engineer in Quincy, Illinois for the Harris Corporation.

Today (2018), Tim is the RF & Systems engineer for Fort Myers Broadcasting and Sun Broadcasting in Fort Myers.

Station History

1988 - 1989 WONN (Engineering)

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