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WANZ - A History

WANZ-FM 105.5 Sebring – Erway Broadcasting’s (Guy S. Erway, president) three-kilowatt WSEB-FM became WANZ in 1969. Offices and studios were located with sister station WSEB-AM at 2500 South Lakeview Drive in Sebring.

WANZ ran separate programming from WSEB-AM for a couple years, and then began a 50% simulcast.

Sebring Broadcasting Corp. (Francis J. Matrangola, president/chief engineer) acquired WANZ in 1971 and, the following year, it reverted back to the original WSEB-FM call sign.

Other names in WANZ history include J.A. Robinson (sales manager-1969), Don Jones (chief engineer-1969), Don Ray (news director-1969), Carol Parks (PD-1969), D.C. Faust (GM-1970), Chet Good (PD-1970), Ted Dell (chief engineer-1970), F. Eugene Waite (GM-1972), James H. Gaunt (sales manager-1972), Ray Thomas Graddy II (PD-1972), Mary Gaul (office manager-1972), and Jeff Bogard (news director-1972).

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