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WKHF - A History

WKHF-AM 1390 Avon Park – Lee Broadcasting (Pearl Lee, president) acquired Avon Park’s one-kilowatt (.077 kilowatts at night) WAPR in 1992 and, the following year, switched the calls to WKHF. The station aired a contemporary Christian music format from studios at 801 U.S. Highway 27 South in Avon Park, and a tower and transmitter site at 1733 Lake Pioneer Road in Avon Park.

In 1994, Lee flipped WKHF’s calls to WAVP (AVon Park).

Other names from WKHF history include Bill Fowler (GM-1993), Quick Coddington (chief engineer-1993), Richard Holdsworth (PD-1993), David Womack (news director-1993), G.W. “Gibby” Sullivan (GM-1994), James Fuchs (sales manager-1994), and Charles Castle (chief engineer-1994).

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Station History

1993 - 1994 Other Central Florida Stations (History)

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