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WFXI - A History

WFXI-AM 930 Haines City – Dave King and Robert Yesbeck bought Haines City’s WHAN from Ed and Bettie Shadburne (Radio Central, Inc.) in 1979 and switched the format and call letters to Solid Gold Radio WFXI. The 500 watt daytimer’s studios and transmitter site was off US 27 on SR 544 (Scenic Highway).

The Law family acquired WFXI in 1984 and changed it to WTHN (WinTerHaveN).

Other names from the history of WFXI include Frank Lange and Larry Lee (Frank and Larry in the Morning), Gerald Parent (news), John Francis, Frank Lane, Guy Thomas, Ron Meyer, Allan Brady (station manager), Bill Golden (1979-81), Dave King (GM), Tom Anthony, Linda Baad, Bryce Layman, Bob Roberts, Mike Daniels (was Johnny Angel), Sal T, and Pete Meyers.

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1979 - 1984 Other Polk County Stations (History)

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