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WHOT - A History

WHOT-AM 1590 Palm River-Clair Mel - In November 2021, Tampa Radio, Inc. (Sam Rogatinsky, president) changed the call letters of Tampa Bay’s Radio Nouvelle Lumiere WTPA (its 24-hour Haitian-Creole language and music station serving the Haitian American community) to WHOT, with programmming simulcast from Lantana, FL's WPBR (AM-1340 and FM translator 96.1) in the West Palm Beach market.. 

WHOT broadcasts with a power of 9,800 watts daytime and 160 watts at night from its tower which is diplexed on one of the WQBN AM-1300 towers at 5207 E. Washington Street. WHOT offices and studios are located at 11700 N. 58th Street, off Fowler Avenue, in Tampa.

Note: The frequency shown in the bio logo above is incorrect. WHOT's frequency is AM-1590

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