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WSIS - A History

WSIS-AM 1010 Sarasota – In November 1928, The Financial Journal’s WJBB, broadcasting with 250 watts on 1260 kc from Sarasota’s Terrace Hotel (Ringling Boulevard at North Washington Street) and a transmitter/tower site at nearby Payne Park, moved to 1010 kc as part of the nationwide reallocation of frequencies.

About a month later, the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, which had been in charge of providing WJBB’s announcing staff and local talent for its programming, acquired the station and changed its calls to WSIS (Winter is Summer In Sarasota), and began operating from studios on the second floor of the Peninsular Telephone Building on Pineapple Avenue, near Five Points.

However, the Chamber began having problems meeting expenses almost as soon as it took over, and the initial enthusiasm for the Sarasota radio station was not sufficient to keep it going in a time of financial hardship.

By 1930, WSIS had ceased broadcasting.

(Special thanks to Jeff Miller for his assistance with this station’s history. Please contact us if you have additional information to share about WSIS.) 

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