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WRUB - A History

WRUB-FM 106.5 Sarasota – iHeartMedia moved country 106.5 WCTQ back to its original frequency of 92.1 and, in its place, debuted Spanish CHR RUmBa 106.5 on March 14, 2016. To better match the new format and branding, the call letters flipped to WRUB and the station positioned itself as “#1 Para Exitos y Musica Variada” (#1 For Hits and Music Variety).
While marketed as a Tampa station to compete against Beasley’s WYUU Maxima 92.5, WRUB-FM is headquartered in iHeart’s Sarasota cluster at 1776 Independence Boulevard, while its transmitter and tower site are located near the intersection of 33rd Street West and 8th Avenue West in Memphis, south of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  
(Please contact us if you have additional information to share about WRUB-FM). 

Station History

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