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WGHB - A History

WGHB-AM 1130 Clearwater – 500-watt WGHB began operation December 10, 1925 on 1130 kHz with a six-hour dedication broadcast. Owned by George H. Bowles and using a transmitter previously used by Atlanta’s WSB, it operated from studios in Dunedin’s Fenway Hotel.
Edward A. Haley, owner of Clearwater’s Fort Harrison Hotel, took ownership in mid 1926 and relocated it to the Clearwater Community House. In early January 1927, WGHB moved to 850 kHz and Haley changed its calls to WFHH (for Fort Harrison Hotel). That June, it was acquired by the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce and moved to 820 kHz.
The St. Petersburg City Commission approved a contract for its Chamber of Commerce to buy half interest in WFHH in July 1927 with its half carrying the call letters WSUN (Why Stay Up North). A month later, the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce, owner of the WFHH half, secured the calls WFLA (West FLoridA), which up to that time, had been used by a Boca Raton (Florida) station.

On November 1, 1927, WFLA moved to 590 kHz with a power of 750 watts and WSUN made its inaugural broadcast. Ownership was now officially divided between the Chambers of Commerce of Clearwater and St. Petersburg, with each station operating three nights per week and alternate Sundays.

(For more history of WFLA and WSUN, please check their respective history pages.)

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