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Jay Marvin

Jay Marvin is a left-leaning radio talk host who began his career as a country music disc jockey in 1973 at KWMC in Del Rio, Texas. During his early years, he also worked in Charlotte at WAME and at Memphis’ WMPS in the mid to late 70’s. Since graduating into talk radio, he’s been at Chicago’s WLS (twice), WJJD, and WJEZ-FM, Milwaukee’s WTMJ, and Denver’s KHOW and KKZN. He also made a couple stops in Tampa Bay at talkers WPLP/WTKN (1985-88) and WFLA (1988-90).

Many political figures have appeared on Jay’s show including Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Jimmy Carter. During his time at WTKN, he inverviewed American Athiests founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair. In addition to being a talk show host, he is a painter and computer artist, a published poet and writer (he authored a crime novel called “Punk Blood”), and has been a guest-host for Jerry Springer, Randi Rhodes, and Alan Colmes.

Jay retired from radio in 2010 and passed away January 31, 2023 at age 70.


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