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Irwin S. Brown

Irwin Brown was born in Kansas City, MO. After high school, he joined the Navy and was stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he discovered the immense talents that would lead to a 30-year career in radio.

He studied broadcast journalism at the University of Kansas, then embarked on a career in radio news, beginning at WREN in Topeka. From there, his big, bold voice took him to WSUN in St. Petersburg as news director for seven years. From there, it was to KYW in Philadelphia and then 1010 WINS in New York. It was at WINS that he would work for the next 20 years while raising a family in South Orange, N.J. 

Despite a successful radio career, Brown had a dream of owning a bar and, in 1986, he purchased a tavern in Union, N.J. However, bar ownership wasn’t glamorous and he began to envision a ‘new’ dream: selling the bar and buying a pickup truck and fifth-wheel trailer to live and travel in, and to one day return to Florida, where he'd spent his happiest years.

He loved Florida, especially Tampa Bay with its blue sunny skies, drenching thunderstorms, and even the oppressive heat. He liked it so much so that he moved to a home in an RV park on the Little Manatee River. Although e had friends with whom he played golf, he was most content in his RV, sitting outside drinking gin, reading books, watching Fox News, and forwarding right-wing propaganda to in-boxes far and wide.

Irwin Brown passed away March 1, 2015 in Ruskin, FL. He was 86. 

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