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Rich Marino

Rich began his radio journey just after his 18th birthday by interning at Oldies 106 WSRZ in Sarasota in the summer of 1993.  He did about everything there from alphabetizing thousands of reels of commercials to running out to the tower shed during thunderstorms to turn the transmitter back on. After a few months, he went from intern to deejay. Soon, he was off to Flagler College in St. Augustine. There, he worked at the college station, but also continued working with Oldies 106 during summer and winter breaks. 

By the summer of 1997, the Bradenton native was given the opportunity to move over to Jacor's co-owned WCTQ 92.1 CTQ with one catch - he had to change his name. Morning man/PD Rich Stevens didn't want another ‘Rich’ on the air so he became ‘Scott’ Marino.  Even though Rich (the PD) left a few months later, his new name stuck and he continued to be Scott, the full-time night guy.

In 1999 an opportunity came up to join Tampa's Airwatch/Clear Channel Traffic to provide news and traffic to the Sarasota stations. After doing that for 5 years, he felt it was time for a change and moved to Nashville, TN where he ended up working for Clear Channel again as a talk show producer for WLAC.  

Eventually, Rich decided to trade the volatile world of radio for a more-stable career in the mortgage industry.  Although today (2017) he lives in Knoxville, TN, he still loves Tampa Bay's rich radio history and works to preserve it through his collection of thousands of airchecks,  many of which he shares on his website, MasterofRadio.com. Also check out his Facebook page, 'Sarasota Radio & TV Memories' at www.facebook.com/groups/267417993847595/.

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