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Gary Kines

Gary studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and began his broadcasting career while serving in the Armed Forces in Topeka, KS. His first gig was doing nights on a local station in 1963.
After his discharge, he went into programming, primarily for rock stations, until joining WACQ in Boston, owned by Plough Broadcasting, the broadcast division of Fortune 500 company Schering-Plough. He’s also been on the air in Montreal, Boston, Nashville, Chattanooga, Tampa, Memphis, and Orlando. 
Kines was named National Program Manager for 12 Plough radio properties (in Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Memphis, and Chicago) and spent 10 years (1975-1985) in Tampa-St. Petersburg. At WSUN, he not only programmed the station, but jocked as Duke Edwards on the air. In 1983, he filled in as GM for sister stations WQXM and WZNE, and was promoted to VP/GM of the entire Schering-Plough broadcasting division.

Today (2017), Gary works with the government of Seminole County in Florida doing voiceover work for its various projects. 

Station History

1975 - 1985 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (Program Director)
1975 - 1985 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (On Air Personality)
1983 - 1985 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (Management)

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