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Bill Sigler

Bill was born in Ottawa, Ill., one of three kids raised in nearby Marseilles. Lettering during high school in football, track, and basketball, he enrolled in Western Illinois University after graduation and, after a year, switched to a community college where he received an associate degree in art and another in pre-education. From there, he enrolled in the University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale.

With the Vietnam conflict in full swing Bill tried to avoid the fight by enlisting in the Navy; however, he wound up there anyway. After being discharged in 1974, he returned to college, got a degree in journalism, and took a job as a city reporter for the Winter Haven News Chief in the late 1970’s.

Bill’s next job was as News Director for Winter Haven’s WZNG, but when he found out the station was about to be sold, he figured it was time to find other work. So he took a temporary job with the city’s leisure services department. Then there came a call from Fire Chief Charlie Brown who asked him if he would be interested in a fire inspector’s job.

Today (2005) Bill continues his work as Fire Marshall with the Winter Haven Fire Department and is the city’s Emergency Management Director.

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