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Chris Holiday

Chris (Roy Whitaker) got into the radio business part-time while at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. During this time, he was also the drummer in a rock and roll band called Eternity’s Children. In 1969, he joined WTIX in New Orleans and, by the early 70’s, was doing mornings and handling the music for WABB in Mobile.

In the mid 70’s, he pulled mornings briefly for WFLA and then slid into the midday slot at WLCY before taking over as its program director and switching back to mornings. When WLCY became news/talk WNSI, he stuck around long enough to try his hand at the new format and then moved on to KSUN in Phoenix.

After going back to college in the early 80’s, Chris returned to Florida and carved out a new career outside broadcasting.

(Photo courtesy TeddWebb.com)

Station History

1974 - 1981 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (On Air Personality)
1974 - 1981 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (Program Director)

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