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WTBN - A History

WTBN-AM 570 Pinellas Park – Tampa Bay’s AM-570 became Synchronous Media Group’s (Mark W. Jorgenson, president) Money 570-AM WTBN in early 2000 when Clear Channel’s WHNZ vacated the dial spot and moved to AM-1250. WTBN offices and studios were located at 504 N. Reo Street in Tampa.

In 2001, Salem Communications acquired WTBN for $6.75 million and initially operated it under an LMA until the sale transaction was completed, at which time the format flipped from business news to Christian talk and teaching. To increase audience coverage, programming was simulcast on Salem’s newly acquired AM-910 WTWD.

Today (2020), WTBN is headquartered at 5211 W. Laurel Street in Tampa. In June 2020, Salem applied to relocate the tower site from its current six towers off Tower Road in Land O' Lakes to the site of co-owned 860 WGUL/Dunedin, utilizing two of WGUL's three towers. WTBN would downgrade from 5kw day and night to 250w day and 750w night. 

Other names in WTBN history include Dan DiLoreto (GM-2001), Roy Taylor (station manager-2001), Gene Lindsey (operations/PD-2001), Brian Keith (sales manager-2001), Tom Martinkovic (chief engineer-2001), Keith Alan (2002-2007 mornings, afternoons, production director), Chris Gould (GM-2005), Chris Turner (operations-2005), Phil Jimenez (regional sales manager-2005), Casey Bell (promotions-2005), John Collinson (chief engineer-2005), Michael Serio (operations 2006-2011), Cedric Harris (board op/production 2006-2010), Bill Apgar (board op 2006-2011),Joe Weaver (traffic-2008; operations/PD-2011), Denise Shreaves (promotions and marketing-2010), Bob Hailey (chief engineer), Bill Carl (production director/mornings), Paul Porter (host of “The Home Team”), and Barb Yoder (GM).

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