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Tony Vigue

Tony was a staff announcer at FM 107.3 WPIN in 1966-67 while attending St. Pete Community College, where he received his degree in radio and television production. Using the on-air name Earle Anthony, his shift was weeknights from nine to midnight and Sundays hosting a program called “Symphony Hall.”

He remembers WPIN as a ‘bailing wire operation’ and adds, “We had a Sparta four-channel mixing board and Roberts reel-to-reel decks for playing the commercials from little three-inch tapes that always had no leader on them. The transmitter was a surplus Army Collins unit that radiated harmonics out of the cabinet so people in the neighborhood would complain about hearing the station on their TV sets. Working alone at night was a special treat during a thunderstorm, and we had many strikes. Walking out on a board walkway over the swampy ground to the transmitter shack to take readings was always a thrill.”

Once college was behind him, Tony returned to Maine and joined the Army. After that, he worked as an equipment configuration specialist for AutEx, Inc., was a project manager for Data General, and then established his own small business building custom equipment racks for video production applications.

He retired from the City of South Portland in 2016 as manager of its community television station, but still volunteers with towns and non-profits that support community television operations.

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