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WWTB - A History

WWTB-AM 1300 Tampa – Tampa’s WEBK became WWTB (Walter Tison Broadcasting Co., Walter Tison, president) in December 1956. It was a one-kilowatt directional daytimer operating on AM-1300.

WWTB’s programming was broadcast in English, Spanish, and Italian from studios at 1521 E. Broadway in Ybor City. Charles G. Baskerville, formerly with WFLA and WALT, was its station manager.

In 1959, Tison sold WWTB to Rust Craft Broadcasting, a subsidiary of Rust Craft Greeting Cards, Inc., and the calls changed to WSOL.

Other names from WWTB history include E.P. Martin (co-owner), Alpha Martin (co-owner/GM/women’s director-1957), Herb Buck (PD-1957), Bill Beatty (PD-1958), J.R. Tison (chief engineer-1958), June Coe (women’s director-1958), Nick Stemmier (news director-1958), and Ruben Fabelo (foreign language director-1958).

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