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WYAK - A History

WYAK-FM 102.5 Sarasota – Multitone Music Corp. (James E. Grant, president/GM/sales manager) put Sarasota’s 102.5 WYAK-FM on the air in late 1960. The frequency was previously licensed as St. Petersburg’s WTSP-FM until the Rahall Brothers let the station go silent after acquiring WTSP-AM in 1956.

With its 2.75-kilowatts, WYAK started out programming a country music format from studios at 1373 Fifth Street, near Central Avenue, in Sarasota, next to its 265-foot broadcast tower.

In 1967, WYAK was acquired by Pan Florida, Inc. (Harry H. Foster, president) and became WSAF-FM.

Other names from WYAK-FM history include William T. Watrous (PD-1961), David J. Bender (promotions-1961), Harold J. Bische (chief engineer-1961), and Bob Partee.

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