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WLSS - A History

WLSS-AM 930 Sarasota – Salem Communications acquired Sarasota’s WUGL AM-930 The Gull from WGUL, Inc. (Carl Marcocci, president) in 2002 and flipped it to news/talk WLSS. 

Today (2019), 5,000-watt (3-kilowatts night) WLSS is at 5211 W. Laurel Street in Tampa with its transmitter and four towers at a site east of I-75, off Dog Kennel Road, in Sarasota. 

Other names from WLSS history include Christopher Gould, Sr. (GM-2005), Chris Turner (operations-2006), Carl ‘Cem’ Maier (general sales manager-2006), Kristen Jahn (sales manager-2006), Scott Miller (chief engineer-2006), Keith Alan (production manager-2006), Casey Bell (promotions-2006), Ray Noriega (business/traffic manager-2006), Bill Carl (production director-2008), Michael Serio (operations-2008), Bob Hailey (chief engineer-2010), Barb Yoder (general sales manager-2011), Joe Weaver (operations-2011), and Denise Shreaves (promotions/marketing-2011).

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