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WSAF AM & FM - A History

WSAF-AM 1220 & WSAF-FM 102.5 Sarasota – Radio Sarasota Inc. (Harry Le Brun, president) signed on AM-1220 WSAF-AM in 1961. It was a one-kilowatt directional daytimer.

In 1963, WSAF-AM was acquired by Pan Florida, Inc., (Harry H. Foster, president) which sold it to Stewart Broadcasting (WSAF GM Charles Stewart, president) in 1967. That year, Pan Florida acquired Sarasota FM 102.5 WYAK from Multitone Music Corp. (James E. Grant, president), and its calls became WSAF-FM.

Sarasota Radio Company (Edward A. “Ted” Rogers, president) acquired both WSAF-AM and WSAF-FM in 1973. The purchase included a construction permit for the FM, which Rogers turned into the highly successful progressive rock Quad 102½ WQSR.  The AM became WQSA.

Other names from WSAF history include Bob Larkin (PD-1961), Ray Whitlock (news director-1961), Larry Kent (1961), Carlene Holmes (1961), Paul Kelly (GM-1961), Ned Nichols (sales manager-1961), Gerry Pike (1961), Ken Bartlett (1961), Dick Cobb (chief engineer-1961), Arnold Keck (1961; chief engineer-1963), Charles Stewart (GM-1963), Ed Owens (sales manager-1963), Tom Johnson (operations/PD-1963), Kelsey Hutchinson (news director-1963), Albert Moreau (PD-1964), Irene Marsden (promotions-1964), William Watrous (news director-1964; promotions 1965), Win Beaver (chief engineer-1964), Richard Harvey (PD-1966; news director-1967), Charles Cambron (chief engineer-1966), Danford L. Sawyer (promotions-1967), Vince Casey (PD-1967), Stuart Pool (news director-1967), Charles B. Gilmore (station manager-1970), and Ralph Bowen (general manager-1971).

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