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Steve Fredericks

Steve’s (Steve Liddick) first Tampa Bay radio job was with St. Petersburg classical station WTCX 99.5 in 1960. Even though he also worked briefly with WPIN-AM 680 after getting out of the Army in 1963, he is most remembered for doing mornings at WDAE from 1965 to 1968, during the time Ed Ripley was PD.

In 1968, he moved to Rounsaville's WVOL in Nashville as program director, and then switched to news after moving to Los Angeles. There, he worked with KPOL and KIIS-FM (1970-71) and became news director for KDAY (1971-76) and K-Earth KRTH (1976-78) before leaving in 1980 to join the RKO Radio Network in New York as a news anchor.

In addition to his radio work, Steve also has experience as a print journalist, starting out as a gag writer with the late St. Petersburg Times cartoonist Don Addis for Playboy magazine. He’s contributed articles to TV Guide and various business journals and trade publications, served as the Associated Press’ Pennsylvania legislative radio correspondent for six years, and edited a weekly Pennsylvania newspaper.

Today (2016), Steve is semi-retired and lives on a ranch east of Sacramento where he has written two novels ("All That Time," a time travel tale, and "Old Heroes," about WWII vets who find themselves back in combat 40 years after their war, which has just been published. He’s also written a memoir of his nearly half-century in the radio business, "But First This Message," (available from Amazon) under the name Steve Liddick, which includes his Tampa/St. Petersburg years.  He also owns a small publishing company, Top Cat Publications.

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