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WZZS - A History

WZZS-FM 106.9 Zolfo Springs – Hardee County commissioner Ted L. Hite, president of Teddy Bear Communications, launched Zolfo Springs’ ZZ-107 WZZS with a country format in 1992. In early 1996, the music format flipped to oldies, but returned to country later that year as 106.9 The Bull when Heartland Broadcasting (Harold “Hal” M. Kneller, Jr., president) acquired the station.

WZZS was a Class A 5,000-watt FM licensed to Zolfo Springs with a coverage area that includes the cities of Wauchula, Arcadia, Sebring, Avon Park and Lake Placid. Offices, studios and its 378-foot tower are located at 7981 U.S. Highway 17 South, mid way between Zolfo Springs and Arcadia, near the Bluffs Golf Course.

In early April 2014, WZZS was sold to Solmart Media LLC (Tomas Martinez and Mercedes Soler). The station flipped to a Mexican regional dance format and was re-branded La Numero Uno, targeting Hispanic adults 18-34.

Solmart Media announced in August 2019 that WZZS would be acquired by Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), which also owns Sarasota's Oldies 1220 WSRQ-AM. In September 2019, LECOM flipped WZZS to WSRQ-FM, utilizing the station to expand the signal coverage of the Sarasota AM's oldies format.

Other names from WZZS history include Mark Walker (1995), Bill Noel (GM-1996), Ron Brown (GM/sales-2002), Bryan Hollenbaugh (GM-2005), Bob & Tom In the Morning (syndicated-2008), Amy Ryan (mid-days-2008; nights-2009), Gary Del Toro (afternoons-2008), Bubba James (mornings-2009; PD-2014), Gentry Thomas (afternoons-2009), BJ Odom (PD/music-2009), Carolyn K (Carolyn Kneller-nights 2008; mid-days 2009), Alan Jeffries (mornings-2009), Casey Williams (sales manager-2009; station manager-2014), Jack Mihall (sales-2009), Michael Williams (sales-2009), and Sherry Good (office manager-2009).

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