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WYNF - A History

WYNF-FM 107.9 Coral Cove – In the spring of 1995, FM 107.9, licensed to Coral Cove, became New Wave Communications’ WYNF, Florida’s Rock Classic. Jacor acquired the station in 1996, and then Clear Channel when it absorbed Jacor.

In 1999, Clear Channel relicensed WYNF to 105.9 in Englewood and moved Sarasota classic hits station WSRZ from 106.5 to Coral Cove's 107.9.

Names from WYNF history include Jeff Blazy (mornings-1995), Cathy Taylor (middays-1995), Brent “The Monkey Boy” Mitchell (overnights-1995), Susan Gates (afternoons/PD-1995), Bob Garrett (nights-1996), Tyler Thomas (overnights-1996), Jeff Zito (weekends-1996; overnights 1998), Joe Bravero (weekends-1996), Eric Stevens (PD/afternoons-1997), Steve Baron (weekends-1997), “Big Rig” Ronnie Michaels (afternoons-1998), and Alex James (PD).

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