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Bill Elliott

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Bill moved to Seminole in 1969 and started working weekends on the air at Stereo 98 WQXM while attending Seminole High School.  After graduating in 1970, he went full time and became the station’s chief engineer in 1972.

In 1974 he left Tampa Bay for a brief time to build an FM station in Louisville, KY. When he returned to Florida in late 1975, he worked briefly as chief engineer for WDIZ in Orlando, then went back to Tampa Bay as assistant chief engineer at WLCY AM & FM. 

Bill returned to WQXM in 1977 as chief engineer and remained there until 1981 when he accepted the position of chief engineer/operations manager for WWQT/WHBS and, with Bud Paxson, constructed the Home Shopping Network, all based in Clearwater.  He left Paxson's operation to build WJRQ in Williston and became part owner of Bushnell’s WKFL and WKIQ in Eustis. 

Returning to Tampa Bay once again, he took over as chief engineer for WKRL (formally WQXM) in 1986 and remained there until 1990.  During that time he did contract engineering work for WHBO, Life 680 WLFF, and 620 WSUN,  WQXM's sister station owned by Plough Broadcasting. After a stint at WYUU in 1990, he spent 10 years in Charlotte, NC, then became corporate chief engineer for Asterisk Communications in the Gainesville/Ocala, FL area and PD of its Smooth Jazz 1009 WXJZ.

Today (2017), after 45 years of full time broadcasting, Bill is retired. Currently self employed, he rebuilds broadcast consoles for private individuals and stations here and there.

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