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Bob Campo

For 10 years, Bob Campo (Camposecco) was music director and pulled mornings at Wheeling’s WKWK (1962-1972). He had also worked with several Pittsburg stations (WHJB, WCNG, and WEDO) by the time he relocated to Tampa Bay in 1974 where he knocked around a few years as a deejay with WAZE, WDAE, and WWBA.

In 1977, he landed at WQYK and decided to move from the on-air side of the business into sales. Liking it so much, and being so successful at it, he ended up staying with the station 27 years.

Bob brought the curtain down on his 45-year radio career in 2004 and retired, but continues to make his home in the Tampa Bay area.


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