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JoJo Kincaid

JoJo is a Florida native from Gainesville. Proficient on the guitar, keyboard, and drums, he played in local bands during his junior and senior high school years.

When he was 12, he began his radio career as a "pirate" broadcaster. However, the FCC shut him down when they discovered he was operating a radio station, which covered a 10-15 miles radius, from his home bedroom, a violation of international law (the Geneva Communications Act of 1934).

At 17, during his senior year in high school, he started working part time at Gainesville’s WGGG and eventually was full time by the time he graduated. At 18, he took the music director’s position at WDAT in Daytona Beach and, one year later, became the PD and morning host at Ocala’s WWKE. From there, he advanced to stations in Miami, St. Louis, San Antonio, San Diego, Boston, and Tampa Bay's Q105 WRBQ.

Today (2014), JoJo is back in Gainesville and on the air afternoons at classic hits WYGC.

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