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WSRZ AM & FM - A History

WSRZ-AM 1450 & WSRZ-FM 106.3 Sarasota – In 1986, Sarasota’s 106.3 WMLO-FM became Z106 WSRZ (which had been used in the market from 1982 to 1984 on 102.5 FM) and bumped its on-air dial position to 106.5 FM. Three years later, sister station WSPB-AM 1450, a longtime local CBS affiliate, also adopted the WSRZ calls. However, it returned to the previous heritage call sign less than a year later.

In 1996, Jacor agreed to acquire WSPB-AM, WSRZ-FM, and WYNF-FM (107.9) from New Wave Communications. WSRZ-FM moved to 107.9 in 1999, changing its city of license to Coral Cove, while 106.5 became country WCTQ. A few years later, WSPB-AM flipped calls to WSRQ (2003), and then WSDV (2006).

As Oldies 108, WSRZ-FM played a 1950’s through early 1970’s format until early 2007 when the 50’s and early 60’s music was dropped and the moniker became 107.9 WSRZ.

Today (2009), Clear Channel’s 50,000 watt WSRZ-FM plays hits from the mid 60’s through the early 80’s from studios at 1779 Independence Boulevard in Sarasota. Its transmitter/tower site is located off the Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41) between Sarasota and Venice near State Highway 681.

Some names from WSRZ history include Sam Malone (Z106 mornings), Scott Chase (Z106 nights), “The Morning Crew” David Jones and Christina Crane (mornings-1998-2009), Derrek Dekker (mid-days-1998), Pete Jarrett (PD/afternoons-1999), Pat Barry (mid-days-1999), Nikki Harris (traffic reporter-2000), Chris Rivers (nights-2002), Scott Miller (afternoons-2003), Tim White (chief engineer 2006-2009), and Drew Thomas (afternoons-2009).

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