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Adam Lindemann

Lindemann grew up in a wealthy family and went to grade school in Manhattan where he became fluent in both French and Spanish. After spending summers skiing in Argentina as a teen, he went on to major in Spanish literature at Amherst College. When he finished Yale Law School, he sharpened his business skills on Wall Street at Oppenheimer & Company, and then started his own investment firm, Lindemann Capital Partners.

In 1997, after becoming interested in broadcasting, Lindemann went on to found Mega Communications, a privately-owned Hispanic radio company, headquartered in Tampa, and serve as its chairman, president, and CEO. At its peak, Mega had an impressive lineup of 22 stations in leading Hispanic markets, including clusters of outlets in New York and Washington, and an all-news Spanish-language station in the Big Apple a year prior to 9-11.

Mega owned three Tampa Bay stations – Largo’s WMGG-AM (La Mega 820), Dade City’s WMGG-FM (La Mega 96.1), and Brandon’s WLCC-AM (La Ley 760). The FM was sold in 2001 after operating only two years and, in September 2008, 50,000-watt WMGG-AM was acquired by Genesis Communications. Lindemann donated the last of his Tampa Bay properties, Brandon’s WLCC-AM, to the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council the following November to be run as a Spanish language, community-oriented radio station and as a training center for minorities wanting to learn the radio business.

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