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WAUC - A History

WAUC-AM 1310 Wauchula – Hardee Broadcasting Co. (Robert S. Taylor & E.D. “Ted” Covington, Jr.) put WAUChula 500-watt daytimer WAUC on the air in 1958. Offices and studios were located at the transmitter site at 1310 South Florida Avenue (SR 35A). Daytime power was upgraded to 5,000 watts around 1980 and authority given to operate at night with 500 watts around 1988.

Other WAUC owners were WAUC Broadcasting Co. (Royce D. Plummer, president 1964), Wauchula Broadcasting (1969), Barco, Inc. (Richard Rosenberger, president 1973), Poucher Broadcasting, Inc. (Donald W. Poucher, president-1977), Heartland Broadcasting Co. (Jesse Newman, president-1983), WAUC Radio (Ted L. Hite, president-1986), and Marlene Ayala (1993).

In 1997, Dora A. Cruz (Marvina Enterprises since 2001) acquired WAUC and began airing a Spanish format from its three-tower transmitter site on South Florida Avenue in Wauchula. John Mullis flipped the station to a country format, Heartland Country Favorites, when his Hardee Broadcasting, LLC took over the station in March 2017.  An FM translator was added and today (2021) the station promotes itself as Real Country 102.1 The Outlaw.

Other names from WAUC history include: Claude White (GM-1958), Robert Ford (chief engineer-1958), Bill Ferguson (GM/chief engineer-1959), Robert V. Rogers (GM-1964), Chris Plummer (afternoons-1965), Sara Plummer (promotions-1965), Samuel L. Rosenberger (GM-1974), Jerald A. Brush (PD/chief engineer-1972), Donald Poucher (GM-1977), Carol Poucher (PD/music director-1977; station manager-1978), James A. Hardman (GM/sales manager-1985), Marc Valureo (PD-1985), Clinton Moore (chief engineer-1985), Ted L. Hite (GM/sales manager-1987), Ted Hite, Jr. (PD/news director-1987; news director-1990; operations-1992), John McShaffrey (music director-1987), Jean Hite (promotions-1987), Jim Kowalski (chief engineer-1987), Chay Gonzales (GM-1994), Robert Ayala (GM-1995), Victor Gonzales (GM-2001), Merta Ayala (GM-2002), Arturo Pacheco (2007), Bob Partee, and John Wright.

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