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WDHL - A History

WDHL-AM 1490 Bradenton – 250-watt WDHL, Bradenton’s first radio station, was put on the air in 1946 by Manatee Broadcasting Co., Inc. (N.A. Perry, Jr., president and sales manager) and broadcasted from studios on the city’s Memorial Pier.

WDHL operated until 1952 when it was sold to TRaiL Broadcasting and became WTRL.

Other names from WDHL history include J.E. Foster (GM/chief engineer-1947), Mary Swaggerty (1947), Lou Jacobson (GM and president of Manatee Broadcasting-1948), Bob Whitney (1948), Jim Shilladay (sales manager-1948), Eileen Jackson (PD-1948), Dean Fleischman (1948), Arthur Betts (chief engineer-1948), Jerry Baker (PD-1949), Atch McCabe (sales manager-1950), Edwin Hill (chief engineer-1950), Dave Sherrill (PD/news director-1951), Doug Rabin (chief engineer-1951), Carmen Greenlaw (traffic and women’s director-1951), Bill McKetchnie (sports director-1951), Ed Ayers (farm director-1951), Charles Castle (chief engineer-1952), and Carl Van Sittert (news director-1952)

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