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WCLE - A History

WCLE-AM 680 Clearwater –WCLE (CLEarwater) was founded in 1947 and operated from studios in the Whitcomb Building. It was a one-kilowatt daytimer owned by Clearwater Broadcasting Co., Inc., Houston Cox, Jr., president and general manager.

In 1951, when Florida West Coast Broadcasters, Inc. bought WCLE, it became WPIN and studios were moved to St. Petersburg’s Royal Palm Hotel. The station remained licensed to Clearwater until 1953 when its city of license was changed to St. Petersburg.

Other names in WCLE history include Bill Steis (PD), Bill Gramer (announcer), Drew Shankle (assistant general manager and sales manager), Howard Snyder (1947), Arthur Betts (chief engineer-1947), Richard Gourley (sales), Lorene Dean (women's director), Saul Rosenzweig (public relations), and Harold Legg (chief engineer).

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Station History

1947 - 1951 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (History)

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