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Mike Culotta

Mike grew up in the Tampa area and was an avid country music fan. When he decided to start his own print-production company, his first project was creating a local country music magazine.

One of the first people he met with was Beecher Martin, then PD at WQYK, to see if the station would be interested in taking the back page or providing some editorial content. Martin passed him on to the station’s legendary deejay Tom Rivers who was enthusiastic about the idea and also talked him into joining the station part-time as a producer on the morning show.

Each day when the show went off the air, Mike stayed around and spent some time helping out in promotions. When a position opened up in that department, the “powers that be” decided that he would be the best choice for the job.

He eventually got a shot at being PD/OM of WQYK and its sister station WYUU and operations manager for all six Tampa Bay CBS stations (WQYK AM/FM, WRBQ-FM, WSJT-FM, WYUU-FM, and WLLD-FM).

In April 2013, Mike left Tampa for Nashville to assume his new position as president of Streamsound Records, a Music City label distributed by Sony.

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