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John Sipos

Although John was born in Columbus, Georgia at Fort Benning, he grew up in Poughkeepsie, New York and started in the radio business at a local station there in 1960. He went on to work as an assistant to Morgan Beatty, Edwin Newman and other national correspondents for NBC News and then moved to Florida. 

In 1973 Sipos landed a position as morning and afternoon news anchor at WSUN, then Sarasota’s all-news WQSA, Pinellas Park’s WPLP, 970-WFLA, and five Tampa Bay Paxson stations. He later handled public affairs programs for CBS-owned stations (and later I-Heart), independently producing a weekend people, issues, and events show called “hOURtampabay” for those stations, and worked as an independent journalist and freelance broadcast talk journalist.
On August 3, 2016, John did not survive scheduled heart surgery and passed away. Among his many contributions to the Tampa Bay area, he was a co-founder of the Tampa Bay Press Club and founded the annual Tampa Bay Radio Broadcasters Reunion.



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