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Gene Lindsey

Gene will tell you that he first got addicted to radio during his college years in the 1970’s when he did some campus radio in Madison, New Jersey. It started in earnest, though, in 1979 when he enrolled at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. There, he become chief news announcer/on-air host (as Bob Dark) and general manager of the campus network of stations from 1980 to 1985. During this period he was also a part-time anchor/reporter at WAAM, a nearby commercial station.

In 1985, Gene decided it was time to pursue radio full time and landed a gig as an anchor/reporter (using his real name, Gene Lisansky) at WOOD, an AM/FM combo in Grand Rapids. Two years later, he joined WFAS AM/FM in White Plains, New York as an on-air news anchor, talk show host, reporter and managing editor. He changed his last name to “Lindsey” in January 1996 after joining Clear Channel Tampa Bay and spent the next decade as director of operations for the company’s Total Traffic Network and news/program director and on-air anchor for WHNZ.

Today (2008) as president and project manager of  Mr. News Media, Gene does voiceovers, freelance photography, and web design work, and specializes in copywriting, digital photo restoration, and site conceptualization.


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