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Herold White

Although he grew up in Live Oak, Florida, Herold White was born into a musical family in Hazel, Kentucky and made his first public appearance at the age of 15 with Jim & Jesse’s bluegrass group. He taught himself to play the guitar, became a drummer in the Kayton Roberts (Hank Snow’s steel guitar player) band and, in 1964, wrote both sides of his first record, released on Atlanta’s Trumpet label.

After moving to Tampa in 1965, Herold became a deejay for Art Reuben’s WYOU and formed his own band, “Herold White and the Country Masters.” He opened a record shop and recording studio next to the radio station, and formed his own record label, Master Records. The group became the staff band for the radio station and played for all the WYOU-promoted shows in the Tampa Bay area. It was at one of these shows that he met Audrey Williams, Hank Jr’s mother, who pointed him toward Nashville and prominent music promoter Buddy Lee.

In 1968, Herold and his band moved to Las Vegas and became a regular show group at the Golden Nugget. He began recording at the Buck Owens studio in Bakersfield with Buck’s band, The Buckaroos, and doing session work. In 1972, he moved to Moline, Illinois where he managed a nightclub. A couple years later, he opened his own club and recording studio on the Mississippi River in Bettendorf, Iowa, and then a second club in 1980. In 1984, he moved back to Tampa and headquartered himself at Joyland, the popular country nightclub on U.S. 19 in St. Petersburg.

Since 1990, when he returned to Live Oak, Herold has worked with various local bands and does karaoke shows for clubs and events in North Florida. He also produces and engineers recording sessions at Maverick Productions, a new digital recording studio that he built in 2007.

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