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Al's Co-Workers

Tom Barber
Bob Collins
Larry DeVore
George Hayward
Mike Helminski
Jay Kuppers
Buddy Penn
Phil Wayne
Mark Wheeler
Woody Wooden

Al Allen

Al Allen (Alan Huckleberry) was a WYSE air personality and operations manager from 1960 to 1963.  His on-air name changed to Alan G and chief engineer was added to his resume in the spring of 1963 when the station’s calls became WWAB and the format flipped from Top 40 to MOR (The Sound of Light-Hearted Listening).

WWAB was sold in 1965 and Allen left Lakeland to become chief engineer at WLBE in Leesburg. Efforts to trace his moves after that have been unsuccessful.

Station History

1960 - 1964 WYSE/WWAB-AM 1330 - Lakeland (On Air Personality)
1960 - 1964 WYSE/WWAB-AM 1330 - Lakeland (Operations)
1963 - 1964 WYSE/WWAB-AM 1330 - Lakeland (Engineering)

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