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Alise Graham

Alise was born in New Orleans, a Navy brat, but moved to Orlando in 1990 where she attended Dr. Phillips High School. Following graduation she moved to Gainesville and attended Santa Fe Community College. That’s where she received her A.A. degree in Journalism and Communications.

Moving back to Orlando, Alise met her husband, Dennis, and finished her college education at the University of Central Florida where she was awarded a B.A. degree in Interpersonal Communications. Her first radio job was at WMMO in Orlando where she did daily traffic reports.

In August of 2002, Alise landed a job at WPCV doing the overnight shift where she used the name Hope Thomas. At the same time she was also voicing 6 to midnight on sister station, WWRZ 98.3 FM The Rose. When a daytime position opened on The Rose in November of 2003, she moved over there full-time to do mid-days.

By the spring of 2005, Alise had started a family and left the station to be a full-time mom.

Station History

2003 - 2005 WWRZ-FM 98.3 - Arcadia (On Air Personality)

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