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WCAC - A History

WCAC-FM 105.5 Sebring – Three-kilowatt WSKP, an MOR-programmed FM owned by Morgan Broadcasting (Harry J. Morgan, president), was acquired by Highlands Broadcasting Ltd (Robert J. Connely, president) in 1984 and became adult contemporary WCAC.

Roper Broadcasting (Robert T. Rowland, Sr., president) bought WCAC in late 1986 when studios were located on Lakeview Drive in Sebring. A few years later, operations moved to 2411 U.S. 27 South and its format flipped to oldies.

Outback Broadcasting, Inc. (Peggy Dennis, president) acquired WCAC in late 1994. About six months later, the calls changed to WYMR.

Other names from WCAC history include Bob Connely (GM-1985), Steve Hunter (sales manager-1985), Jim Johnson (chief engineer-1985), Steve Lyons (PD-1985), Tom Fleetwood (news director-1985), Scott "Festus" Terry (producer/air personality-1985); Robert T. Rowland, Jr. (PD/music director/promotions-1989), Doug Peralta (GM/sales manager-1989), Andy Pierce (chief engineer-1989), Karla Whitaker (news director-1989), Robert Young (sales manager-1992), Dugan Fry (PD/music director-1992), Mark McKay (music director-1992), Teresa DeLuca (news director-1992), Jim Kowalski (chief engineer-1992), Mark Valero (music director-1994), Jim Ziegler (sales manager-1994), and Charles Castle (chief engineer-1994).

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Station History

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