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Dwight Cook

As early as the age of six, Dwight was an avid shortwave radio listener with a large collection of QSL cards. His on-air radio career actually began, though, when he was ten with a self-built radio station in his home that broadcasted throughout his neighborhood.

In 1967, while in the tenth grade, he landed a position at WKXY/Sarasota, a top-40 station. The following year he got the afternoon drive slot at competing rocker WYND (as Ronnie Fox). From there his career took him to Tampa Bay’s WLCY (again, as Ronnie Fox) and other markets, including WSRF/Miami as Billy Ballou in 1969, WGLD/Chicago in 1970, and KRBE/Houston as ‘Shotgun’ Cook in 1973.

While he enjoyed the on-air work, the Sarasota FL native's real love was in the area of radio production and he served as Production Director at all but his first stations. In Houston in 1978, he and his wife Karen founded Sound Works, a provider of audio services for the TV/radio, feature film, and advertising industries, and audio forensics legal services. In addition to serving as company president, he has also been the announcer for Dr. Ed Young's “Winning Walk” worldwide TV ministry program.

Since 2005, Dwight has been a real estate professional and investor, and became a realtor in 2016. Other companies that he is involved with are Vividmix.com, which produces commercial video and website content and, with three other partners, Retronuvo Media, which develops programming for broadcast, cable, and social media. 

Station History

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