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David Albright
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Steve Alexander
John Alexander
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Larry Anderson
Voncile Anderson
John Anthony
Tom Anthony
Jon Anthony
Dave Archard
Alan Archer
Daisy Mae & Old Brother Charlie Arnett
Lee Arnold
Brad Baad
Gary Ballinger
Dave Banks
Bob Barnes
Denny Bateman
Chuck Bear
Beryl Beckett
Don Beckman
Joe Bell
Roger Bennett
Mel Berman
Frank Berry
Jay Black
Al Blake
Dick Blanchard
Jack Bland
Neil Bob
Roy Bodden
Otis Boggs
Diane Bonilla
Marvelous Marvin Boone
Jim Boynton
Don Brady
Jim Brand
Al Brock
Pat Brooks
Charlie Brown
Irwin Brown
Hugh Brown
Steve Burgess
Bill Burnett
Bill Burns
Burt & Kurt
Shirley Buss
Gordon Byrd
Johnny Byrd
Gil Cabot
Bill Calder
Peter Callahan
Bill Campbell
Jim Campbell
Dave Campbell
Bob Campo
Ted Cannarozzi
Don Capone
Kevin Card
Murray Carpenter
Terry Casey
Al Casey
Brooke Chamberlain
Pat Chamburs
Mark Champion
Charlie Champion
Scott Chase
Steve Cheney
Rita Ciccarello
Roz Clark
Bob Clark
Marshall Cleaver
Don Coe
Tim Coles
Rick Collins
Bob Collins
Bill Connolly
Dwight Cook
Carson Cooper
Ken Copper
Al Corbett
Duane Cornett
Todd Cralley
Dennis Crandall
Rick Crandall
Mike Creager
Lary Crews
Dick Crippen
Joe Culbreath
Bob Cummings
Harry Cup
Chris Curley
Bob Currie
Joyce Dae
John Dalton
Eugene Danzey
Tom Daren
Johnny Dark
Tim Davisson
Arch Deal
Bob Dearborn
Bob DeCarlo
Gene Deckerhoff
John DeHaven
Paul Delaney
Scott Dennis
Ron Diaz
Glen Dill
Dan DiLoreto
Scott Dilworth
Mason Dixon
Johnny Dollar
Nanci Donnellan
Tom Drane
Dean Drapin
Bill Dudley
Al Dunaway
John Eastman
Ronald Ebben
Big Ed Edwards
Jack Ellery
Bill Elliott
Larry Elliston
JR Evans
Scott Farrell
Jack Faulkner
George Fee
Tony Fernandez
Charlie Fernandez
A.G. "Tony" Fernandez
Charles Fernandez
Frank Ferreri
Jack Fichter
Joseph Field, Jr.
Reggie Fine
Bonita Fishback
Larry Flegle
Marvin Flemmings
Valorie Flowers
Bill Floyd
Les Foerster
Al Ford
Trooper Jim Foster
David Fowler
Steve Fredericks
George Gainey
Al Gale
Bill Gamble
Russell Gant
Woody Garcia
Jim Genovese
Pat George
Martin Giles
Carl Glicken
David Gold
Paul Gonzalez
Jerry Good
Stan Grams
Dan Grant
Joe Gratz
Scott Griffith
Dottie Groven
Marlen Hager
Joe Hager
Norm Hale
Sandy Hall
Steve Hall
Dave Harrell
Jack Harris
Spyder Harrison
Ron Hart
Ken Hart
George Harvey
George Harvey, Jr.
Charles Hasbrouck
Rick Hatfield
Paul Hayes
Ed Heffington
Vinnie Heiser
Mike Helminski
Tom Henderson
Bill Hennes
Mike Hennessy
Robert Hensler
Howard Hewes
Downey Hewey
Don Hibbitts
Bob Higby
Glen Hill
Tim Hobson
Bob Hoffer
Chris Holiday
Allan Hollar
Les Howard
Bob Hughes
Herb Hunt
Steve Huntington
Bill Jacobs
Peter Jahns
Chris James
Brad James
Ralph Janotti
Greg Jarrett
Joey Jay
Bill Jenkins
Dan Johnson
Ralph Johnson
Jim Johnson (WHBO)
Jim Johnson (WQXM)
Jack Kane
Warren Kauffman
Marc Kaye
Karol Kelly
Gary Kines
Gary Knight
Zoltan Koppany
David (Kidd) Kraddick
Wayne Kysor
Kenny Lamb
John Lander
Ronnie "Night Train" Lane
Cuz'n Larry Lane
John Lanigan
Mark Larsen
Frank Laseter
Bob Lassiter
Sam Latimer
Tom Latto
Jeff Laurence
George Laurie
Scott Ledger
Curt Leonard
Clair Linn
Pepper Lipsync
Charlie Logan
Jim Lord
Rob Lorei
George Lowe
Mike Lusk
Bobby Lyons
Mike Lyons
Charlie Mack
Kevin MacKenzie
Bob Mackey
Stan Major
Jim Maloy
Steve Manuel
Carl Marcocci
Dick Marsh
Walt Marsicano
Beecher Martin
Bob Martin
Jay Marvin
Charlene Mathies
Tom Matthews
Burl McCarty
Sam McClelland
Les McDowell
Terry McElhatton
Mark McGee
Gerald McGougan
George McGovern
Gary McHenry
Gene McKay
Pat McKay
Bob McKay
Dave McKay (WQYK)
Dave McKay (WWBA)
Terrance McKeever
Ron McKenney
Ed McMann
John Meder
Randy Michaels
Steve Michaels
Jay Miller
Dangerous Dan Miller
Jeff Miller
Art Millman
Spencer Mitchell
John Moore
Brad Moore
Mike Moore
Roosevelt Moore, Jr.
Rick Morgan
John Morris
Tom Murphy
Kevin Murphy
Hal Murray
Bob Neil
Robert Nelson
Bobby Nelson
Jim Nettleton
Gerald Newton
Terry Nichols
Roy Nilson
George Nix
Dick Norman
Larry O'Brien
Joe O'Grady
Ron O'Quinn
Bobby Ocean
Charlie Ochs
Russ Offenbach
Michael Osterhout
Judd Otis
Scott Owens
Don Owens
Bill Owens
Frank Parker
John Parker
Priscilla Parker
Ron Parker
Joe Patrick
Rich Pauley
Ed Pendino
Bob Penrod
Carlos Jose Peralta
Mel Phillips
Jon Pinch
Bill Polk
Jon Powers
George Prescott
Randy Price
Ed Pyle
Q Morning Zoo
Jay Quigley
Jim Quin
Gus Quintero
Rex Rand
Chris Rathaus
Marv Ray
Mike Reeves
Ken Reitz
Paul Resnik
Art Reuben
Bob Reynolds
RJ Reynolds
Bobby Rich
Liz Richards
Don Richards
Dick Ring
Ed Ripley
Tom Rivers
Rock Robbins
Scott Robbins
Jay Roberts
J. Paul Robinson
Gene Allen Robinson
John Rode
Ted Rogers
Neil Rogers
Jeff Rogo
Ron & Ron
Art Ross
Robert Rounsaville
Marshall Rowland
Robert Rowland
Bob Ruark
Daylon Rushing
Tim Ruskell
John Rutledge
Jeff Ryan
Marti Ryan
Craig Sager
Dave Saint
Rick Samples
Steve Sande
Nikki Sandler
Roger Schulman
Bob Schuman
Ron Scott
Glen Scott
Sue Scott
Michael Serio
Bob Seymour
Jim Shafer
Scott Shannon
Hank Shaw
Harvey Sheldon
Alvis Sherouse
Jim Shirah
Cal Shrum
John Sipos
Ken Skelton
Paul Sliwa
Rob Snowden
Gordon Solie
Chary Southmayd
Michael Spears
Roy Speer
Neil Spencer
John St. John
Jim Stanley
Dr. Chuck Stevens
Greg Stevens
Shauna Stevens
Dan Stevens
Jack Stir
Al Stockmeier
Bob Stone
Rick Stone
John Stortz
Carl Strandell
Bob Stroud
Bill Swisher
Elmo Tanner
Chris Taylor
Michelle Tellone
Myron Hieronymous Thomas
Goldie Thompson
Jim Thurman, Jr.
Mel Tinney
Bob Tracy
Tim Trott
Nick Van Cleve
Larry Vance
Bob Vaughn
Tony Vigue
JoJo Walker
Jerry Walker
Rusty Walker
Uncle Johnny Walker
Don Wallis
Jim Walter
Scott Walterman
Steve Warren
Al Waters
Tramonte Watts
James Wayman
Tedd Webb
Ray Webb
Mike Weber
Robert Weeks
Jack Weldon
Rod Weller
Jim West
Brock Whaley
Fez Whatley
Mark Wheeler
Cleveland Wheeler
Herold White
Tim White
Rob Whitehurst
Dick Whiting
Art Williams
Early Williams
Dick Wilson
Walter Windsor
Dennis Winslow
Bill Winters
Ed Winton
Russ Wittberger
Chris Wolf
Terry Wood
Woody Wooden
John Wright
Randy Wynne

Chuck Harder

Chuck began his radio career as a deejay during high school at WRMN in his hometown, Elgin, Illinois. In 1963 he came to Tampa Bay and worked weekends at WALT before eventually being added to the line-up at Gordon McLendon’s legendary Top 40 WYNR. From there he moved into national radio and TV production.

In 1979 Chuck started doing talk radio at Tampa Bay’s WPLP and WNSI, moved over to WFLA, and then on to New York’s WMCA and NBC’s Talknet. Most of his show’s calls came from consumers who needed help with financial problems or were having trouble with products, the government, etc.

Under the umbrella of a non-profit organization, Chuck turned to syndicating his broadcasts by satellite from studios in the historic Telford Hotel in the North Central Florida town of White Springs. In 1987, he founded the “For the People” program and Peoples Network, Inc (PNI). Supported by listener memberships and donations, the program provides a forum for John Q. Citizen to learn the workings of government and useful consumer and financial information. Guests included James Earl Jones, Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, Hal Lindsey, Ralph Nader, and hundreds of others. At its peak in the early to mid 1990’s, “For the People” was carried on over 300 stations, second only to Rush Limbaugh.  
Because of deteriorating health since 2004, he became unable to continue his daily radio show and cancelled it in late 2009. Since then, he has tried launching an Internet-based TV network, a weekend oldies music program, a satellite-based easy-listening show and classic-rock station and, in 2015, a webcast of his classic "For The People" show with Keith Alan.
In August 2016, Chuck underwent major heart surgery and was confined to a nursing home/hospice in Gainesville, Florida, ending his media career. He passed away April 10, 2018 at age 74.

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