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Drew Shankle

Although Drew was the assistant general manager and sales manager for Clearwater’s short-lived AM-680 WCLE (1947-1951), he was best-known as a Mississippi newspaperman. That career began in 1916 at age 9 when he was given odd jobs at a Charleston, MS weekly. Five years later, at 14, he had advanced to writing articles and helping put the paper together.
After finishing high school (at the age of 16), he went on to work in Greenwood, MS as news editor of the Greenwood Commonwealth and as managing editor at the daily Commercial Dispatch in Columbus, MS. His career also took him to the Chicago Tribune and the Commercial Appeal in Memphis.
A few years after leaving WCLE, Drew purchased a weekly newspaper in Donna, Texas (1956) and shortly afterwards passed away from a sudden heart attack at the age of 50. In his honor, the Drew Shankle Journalism Scholarship was established at Mississippi University for Women at Columbus.

He won numerous awards for his articles, which focused on news, sports, book reviews, interviews, and even a series of contract bridge lessons. In August 2008, his daughter, Dolores, published a 184-page novel that he had written called “Turncoat” (Xlibris Publishing Corporation).

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