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Lee Arnold
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Gary Ballinger
Dave Banks
Bob Barnes
Allison Barnett
Denny Bateman
Chuck Bear
Glenn Beck
Mark Beiro
Joe Bell
Frank Benny
Mel Berman
Frank Berry
Ken Birdsong
Tracy Black
Sonny Bloch
Neil Bob
Roy Bodden
Otis Boggs
Diane Bonilla
Marvelous Marvin Boone
Scot Brantley
Al Brock
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Pat Brooks
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Eben Brown
Steve Burgess
Bill Burnett
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Burt & Kurt
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Gordon Byrd
Bill Calder
Peter Callahan
Mike Calta
Dave Campbell
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Bob Campo
Don Capone
Kevin Card
Bill Carl
Dr. Don Carpenter
Al Casey
Dave Cash
Pat Chamburs
Mark Champion
Charlie Champion
Marc Chase
Tom Chase
Laura Chase
Steve Cheney
Glenn Cherry
Lou Al Chiaramonte
Tommy Chuck
Rita Ciccarello
Cigar Dave
Paul Ciliano
Roz Clark
Bob Clark
Todd Clem
Don Coe
Tim Coles
Bill Connolly
Carson Cooper
Al Corbett
Lee Courtney
Todd Cralley
Dennis Crandall
Rick Crandall
Dr. Chuck Crane
Mike Creager
Lary Crews
Dick Crippen
Art Cronk
Nikki Cruz
Mike Culotta
Bob Cummings
Harry Cup
Chris Curley
Kathy Curtis
Hank Dale
John Dalton
Eugene Danzey
Jenny Dean
Bob DeCarlo
John DeHaven
Paul Delaney
Scott Dennis
Dan DiLoreto
Jason Dixon
Mason Dixon
Nanci Donnellan
Bill Dudley
Steve Duemig
Corey Dylan
John Eastman
Ronald Ebben
Ed Edwards
Jack Ellery
Bill Elliott
JR Evans
Wayne Facyson
Scott Farrell
Charles Fernandez
Tony Fernandez
A.G. "Tony" Fernandez
Charlie Fernandez
Frank Ferreri
Jack Fichter
Rich Fields
Reggie Fine
Marvin Flemmings
Dick Florence
Valorie Flowers
Les Foerster
Al Ford
David Fowler
Olivia Fox
Jane Friend
Al Gale
Bill Gamble
Russell Gant
Woody Garcia
Al Gardner
Jim Genovese
Pat George
Martin Giles
Susan Giles-Wantuck
David Gold
Paul Gonzalez
Ronald Gordon
Jon Grayson
Bob Haa
Joe Hager
Marlen Hager
Norm Hale
Steve Hall
Sean Hamilton
Chuck Harder
Dave Harrell
Jack Harris
BJ Harris
Spyder Harrison
Hawk Harrison
George Harvey, Jr.
Marc Haze
Tom Henderson
Mike Hennessy
Bob Hensler
Howard Hewes
Don Hibbitts
Bob Higby
Gabe Hobbs
Tim Hobson
Chris Holiday
Allan Hollar
Brian Holmes
James Howard
Les Howard
Bob Hughes
Dianne Hughes
Mark Jackson
Peter Jahns
Brian James
Chris James
Maria Janello
Ralph Janotti
Greg Jarrett
Bill Jenkins
Mike Jennings
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Whitney Johnson
Dan Johnson
Maverick Johnson
Jim Johnson (WHBO)
Jim Johnson (WQXM)
Cledus Judd
Jesse Kage
Ted Kamikaze
Jeff Kapugi
Marc Kaye
Alicia Kaye
Al Keck
Ann Kelly
JoJo Kincaid
Gary Kines
Carrie Kirkland
Kristy Knight
Zoltan Koppany
David Kraddick
Leslee Lacey
Kenny Lamb
Shayna Lance
Ronnie Lane
John Lanigan
Mark Larsen
Bob Lassiter
Jeff Laurence
Keith Lawless
Scott Ledger
Adam Lindemann
Gene Lindsey
Charlie Logan
Rob Lorei
Dan Lothian
Charlie Mack
Kevin MacKenzie
Bruce Maduri
Skip Mahaffey
Stan Major
Dave Mann
Steve Manuel
Carl Marcocci
Walt Marsicano
Beecher Martin
Tom Martinkovic a.k.a. Bobby Ocean
Jay Marvin
Danielle McBroom
Sam McClelland
Dave McClure
Les McDowell
Terry McElhatton
Marty McFly
Gerald McGougan
Gary McHenry
Pat McKay
Dana McKay
Dave McKay (WQYK)
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Robert Nelson
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George Nix
Dick Norman
Bob O'Brien
Charlie Ochs
Russ Offenbach
Mike Oliviero
Michael Osterhout
Judd Otis
Bill Owens
Gordon Page
Ron Parker
Joe Patrick
Paul Harvey News
Justin Pawloski
Lowell Paxson
Ed Pendino
Bob Penrod
Carlos Jose Peralta
Mitch Perry
JP Peterson
Jon Pinch
Paul Porter
Jon Powers
Neil Presant
Randy Price
Q Morning Zoo
Jay Quigley
Jim Quin
Gus Quintero
Rex Rand
Drew Rashbaum
Chris Rathaus
Jayar Reed
Mike Reeves
Dave Reinhart
Art Reuben
Bob Reynolds
RJ Reynolds
Bobby Rich
Liz Richards
Don Richards
Rick & Suds
Michael Ricker
Rock Riley
Dick Ring
Ed Ripley
Mike Rivers
Tom Rivers
Scott Robbins
Jay Roberts
Angelito Rodriguez
Ted Rogers
Neil Rogers
Jeff Rogo
Ron & Ron
Art Ross
Robert Rounsaville
John Rowe
Daylon Rushing
Tim Ruskell
Jeff Ryan
Marti Ryan
Dave Saint
Rick Samples
Tom Sanchez
Steve Sande
Nick Sanders
Nikki Sandler
Vicki Santa
Al Santana
Todd Schnitt
Roger Schulman
Bob Schuman
Ron Scott
Sea Bass
Mark Sebastian
Stephen Seravalli
Michael Serio
Bob Seymour
Jim Shafer
Scott Shannon
Michael Sharkey
Darek Sharp
David Sharp
Hank Shaw
Harvey Sheldon
Jack Shell
Ron Shepard
Read Shepherd
Big Dom Siciliano
Dan Sileo
Valerie Silver
John Sipos
Paul Sliwa
Hugh Smith
Annie Sommers
Chary Southmayd
Michael Spears
Roy Speer
Jim Stanley
Shauna Stevens
Dr. Chuck Stevens
Greg Stevens
Dan Stevens
Marla Stone
Rick Stone
John Stortz
Bob Stroud
Jere Sullivan
Vic Swan
Bill Swisher
Bryan Sykes
Chris Taylor
Sharon Taylor
The SportsChix
Dom Theodore
Chadd & Kristi Thomas
Myron Hieronymous Thomas
Duff Thomas
Chris Thomas
Tim & Tom
Nick Van Cleve
Marc Vila
Anita Wadd
David Wagenvoord
JoJo Walker
Jerry Walker
Uncle Johnny Walker
Scott Walker
Scott Walterman
Mike Waters
Tramonte Watts
Tedd Webb
Ray Webb
Mike Weber
Robert Weeks
Joel Weiss
Jack Weldon
Rod Weller
Fez Whatley
Cleveland Wheeler
Tim White
Dan Whitney
Jetie Wilds
Early Williams
Mark Williams
Walter Windsor
Alan Winfield
Dennis Winslow
Ed Winton
Chris Wolf
Todd Wright
Randy Wynne
Dave Zeplowitz

WMNF - A History

WMNF-FM 88.5 Tampa – Florida’s first independent community radio station, WMNF (Member-sponsored Non-commercial FM), went on the air in September 1979, licensed to the Nathan B. Stubblefield Foundation, a non-profit organization established solely to operate the station. Stubblefield (1860-1928) was an eccentric Kentucky inventor who, according to the story, invented the radio four years before Marconi and died of starvation because he refused to market his idea for fear it would be stolen by big business.

With its 70,000-watt transmitter in Riverview, WMNF began operations from studios in an old Hyde Park mansion on South Boulevard before moving to a church on Nebraska Avenue, and then to a bungalow on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Boulevard in 1988. Since 2005, non-commercial WMNF has operated from a newly-built $2.2 million state-of-the-art facility in Tampa’s Southeast Seminole Heights section at 1210 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Twelve year on-air veteran Roy Bodden hosted the station’s long-running show “Country Music Memories” (1979-1991) and was one of WMNF’s first volunteers, joining the staff one month after the FM went on the air. In the beginning, programs were needed to fill extra hours in its broadcast day and it was Roy who did many of these programs from multiple genres – country (including bluegrass and western music), classical, musical theater, composers, and others.  

WMNF is a charitable organization and all gifts and donations to it are tax deductible in accordance with the law. Many modern-day listeners may not recall that a significant part of the initial “seed” money to get the station up and running was provided by the efforts of groups of volunteers who canvassed throughout Tampa and St. Petersburg, house by house, knocking on doors and asking for money.  The station continues to be listener-supported and volunteer-powered, and provides a mix of eclectic music with non-mainstream news, views, and public affairs programming.  WMNF sponsors numerous events throughout the year, including concerts. One of the most popular is the annual music party, Tropical Heatwave, a mini-festival held each year in Ybor City.

Some names and shows from WMNF history include Pat Chamburs (longtime host of a Wednesday night jazz show), Randy Wynne (program director-1985), Michael Eisenstadt (host of “Sunday Simcha”), Lisa McCormack (station manager-1989), Michael Beattie (morning news anchor-1990), Rob Lorei (news director-1990), Cameron Hendrix (operations manager-1990), Greg Musselman (station manager-1990), Rob Wilson (alternative music program assistant-1991-94), Richard Eiswerth (station manager-1996), Robert Vann (jazz show host), Bob “Soulman” Scheir (longtime blues show host-1998), Jean Palmquist (station manager 1999-2000), “Oye Latino” (latin music show), Louis D. Putney (president of WMNF’s board of directors-2000), Vicki Santa (station manager-2000), and Gene Moore (volunteer/membership coordinator-2003).

(Please contact us if you have additional information to share about WMNF.)

Station History

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