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WLOF-AM 1230 Orlando – 250-watt WLOF (We Love Orlando Florida), went on the air in 1940 at 1230 kHz from studios on the mezzanine floor of downtown Orlando’s Angebilt Hotel on North Orange Avenue. It later relocated studios to the transmitter site off Kirkman Road west of downtown and, around 1947, was granted a CP by the FCC to move to 950 kHz and increase power to 5,000 watts.

WLOF began as Orlando’s NBC-Blue station but switched to Mutual around 1947. It eventually dropped network affiliation around 1956. The music format was always popular music, although it took on strong Top 40 leanings beginning with the rise of rock ‘n’ roll in the latter half of the 1950’s.

Hazlewood, Inc. (George Hazlewood, president) was WLOF’s original owner. Others included Mid-Florida Radio Corp. (Joseph L. Brechner, president) in 1952, Clarke Broadcasting Corp. (William S. Clarke, president) in 1964, Home Security Broadcasting (Carl Glicken, president/GM) in 1972, Rounsaville of Cincinnati (Robert Rounsaville, president) in 1977, and Nationwide Communications (1982) which flipped the format and calls to adult standards WCOT.

During the 1960’s when there was strong competition between WLOF and rival chief WHOO, WLOF printed thousands of small stickers with the phrase “WLOF Secret Agent 95 was here.” These stickers were distributed at various Channel 95 functions, such as dances and remotes, and listeners who got them were encouraged to stick them every place they could think of – and they did – all over car windows and bumpers, store windows, light poles, stop signs, even cars in the parking lot at chief competitor WHOO.

Some names in WLOF’s history are: Victor Buisett (GM/sales manager-1944), Bob Whitney (1949), Ruth Donahue (PD-1949; women’s director-1953), W. Dodd Daniel (chief engineer-1949; 1960), J. Allen Brown (GM-1950; sales manager-1952), Don Colee (sales manager-1950; GM-1956), Ruth Bartlett (sales promotions-1950), Pat Carr (promotions-1951), Paul Marlowe (news director-1951), Bob Keith (farm director-1951; sales manager-1964), Louise Grant (office manager-1951), John Thorwald (GM-1953), John Hugh (PD-1953), Freda Hilton (promotions-1953), Forrest Clark (news director-1953), Bob Kilgore (farm director-1953), Bocky Smith (sports director-1953), Tom Donohoe (sales manager-1954), Ernie Legge (PD-1954; operations-1960), Charles Batchelder (sporting events director-1954), Tom Doyle (news director-1955), Lee Hall (promotions-1956), Ben Aycrigg (news director-1956), Cathy Sorey (women’s director-1956), Gene Cook (sales manager-1958), R.G. St. Clair (chief engineer-1958), Ellen Wendt (women’s director-1958), Howard Kester (GM-1958), Doug Coombs (local sales manager-1960), Howard McKenney (news director-1960), Robert L. Bartl (PD-1960), Aldo Vivona (producer/host of Sunday night's high school music and news show Teen Tempo 1964-1972), John Gilbert (Johnny G/PD-1964), Lee “Baby” Simms (LaMar Simms-1964), John Rutledge (GM-1964), Dutch Holland (promotions-1964), Tom Siegfried (news director-1964; operations-1967), Raymond Smith (station manager-1965), Dick Shane (Dick Camnitz-1966), Pat O’Day (Jerry Thompson/mornings-1967; PD/operations-1971), Sir Arthur Knight (Cal Hendricks/mid-days-1967), Bill Vermillion (chief engineer/music director/nights-1967; PD-1973), Don Welch (sales manager-1967; GM-1968), Jack Curran (sales manager-1968), Pete Porter (1968), Johnny Sutton (overnights-1969), Corey Meyer (chief engineer-1971), T. Michael Jordan (1971), Tom Sherwood (mid-days 1971), Niki Sarner (sales manager-1972), Sean King (Fred Klein-1972), Terry Lee (Terrence Ledbetter/news director-1972), Tim Sawyer (chief engineer-1972), Jerry Frericks (sales manager-1973), Mark Sebastian (1973), Bill Barber (music director-1973), Dave Elliott (news director-1973), Bill Dennis (PD-1974), Luke Beasley (chief engineer-1974), Blue Christy (music director-1975), Barbara Barri (1976), Joe Montione (PD-1979), Reggie Blackwell (music director-1979), Richard Hunt (news director-1979), Vince Sommers (1980), Dave Edwards (1981), Steve Kane, Bob Bacon (Stan Barrett), Johnny Gee (Jim Ivey), Peter Jay (Peter J. Forgione), Peter Jay (Gabe Burton), Peter Jay (Dennis Winslow), and Tom Haley.

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