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Tedd Webb

Tedd is one of the most beloved radio personalities in Tampa Bay and has spent most of his career at the area’s top stations as a deejay, sportscaster, and talk show host. Born and raised in Tampa, he started out as Johnny Angel at WALT in 1963 (nothing like starting at one of the top station in the market – but it happens) and went on to spend some of his formative years at WYOU and WPKM (as Hank Henry), and Zephyrhills’ WPAS. 
Except for a couple years out of state in the late 1960’s, he has always worked in the Bay Area. His local stations include WCWR (1969), WFSO (1970, 1974, and 1977), WLCY (1973 and 1975)), nights at WDAE FM (1973), WPLP (1978), WWBA, and WNSI (1980). From 1981 to 1983 he was one of the crazies at Q105’s “Q Morning Zoo” during the Scott Shannon-Cleveland Wheeler days. Then, in 1983, he joined WFLA where he would later report the sports as one of the morning show’s original “Three Little Pigs” for sister station WFLZ (The Power Pig) in the early 90’s.
He has been on the small screen, too, hosting “Sports Rap” Sunday nights for eight years on WFTS-TV Channel 28, and has received numerous awards, including “Communicator of the Year” from Toastmasters International, “Hispanic Heritage Man of the Year in Media” in 2001, and induction into the Jefferson High School (his alma mater) Hall of Fame in 2002. 

Today (2017), Tedd is a co-host on WFLA’s “AM Tampa Bay” with Jack Harris. He’s an avid photographer and former owner of East 7th Avenue Studios in Ybor City, and a publisher of two books, one of which is a book of trivia based on a segment of his morning radio show. 

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