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Garvis Kincaid

Garvis Kincaid was the founder of Bluegrass Broadcasting which bought WHOO AM & FM in Orlando in 1958. As a youth he sold newspapers and hustled for odd jobs. While a student at the University of Kentucky he once borrowed $1500 to buy three small houses at an auction, selling each of them at a profit and using the money to continue his goal of earning a law degree.

After graduation, Kincaid did practice law but his real fascination was with the real estate business. Within four years he bought and sold several hundred pieces of property. With the profits he began to expand his interests, buying a small finance company first, and then a bank. He established his headquarters in Lexington, KY and took control of 16 banks, two finance companies with more than 50 offices, several hotels and commercial buildings, and two insurance companies. He also added two Florida resorts to his list of holdings.

Kincaid got involved in the broadcast business and formed Bluegrass Broadcasting in 1947 as a subsidiary of Kentucky Central Life Insurance Company. In addition to his Florida stations, WHOO AM & FM in Orlando and WFFG (World’s Finest Fishing Ground) in Marathon, the company owned outlets in Georgia and Kentucky, including WINN in Louisville and WVLK in Lexington.

Although Kincaid died in 1976 at the age of 64, his Bluegrass Broadcasting Group is still in business today (2006) and holds interests in cellular communications.

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