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Bill Clifford

Bill Clifford was the on-air name for central Florida radio personality Bill Schwentner. After graduating from high school, he attended college in Orlando and fooled around singing with some local bands before joining the Air Force in 1963. When his military service was over, he joined a group called the Holidays, and recorded a record with them in 1965.

While playing Orlando’s Plantation Barn, the Cleveland, OH native heard commercials on WHOO that he said ‘sucked’ and told the club owner that HE could write better copy than that. Encouraged to try, he turned in samples to the station and the next thing he knew, he was hired as a copywriter and weekend deejay.

In 1967, Clifford married Sunny Noie, WHOO’s bookkeeper, a move that eventually cost him his job. As luck will have it, while sitting in the lobby waiting for his final check, the manager of Orlando country station WHIY walked in to do some business and immediately hired him to do mornings.

Bill joined WTMC in Ocala in March 1968 as a deejay, copywriter, and studio engineer, and shortly thereafter became program director. Four years later, he returned to Orlando as assistant chief engineer at WLOF, but left in 1973 to re-join WTMC.

In 1974, he bought a house in Orlando and left radio to work in the sound department of the newly opened Sea World, working on and maintaining the park’s electronics. The following year, they made him entertainment supervisor. During this time, he also had a part-time gig at  local oldies station WHHL as morning deejay, PD, and chief engineer.

Bill left Sea World in 1982 for a similar position at nearby Circus World, and then joined the Voice of America in Washington DC two years later as a studio engineer and later, broadcast operations supervisor. After returning to Orlando in 1994, he started his own mobile deejay and karaoke business, worked awhile as a law clerk, and then retired to Lake Ridge, Virginia in 2008, where he and wife, Sunny, live today (2014).

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