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WTCX - A History

WTCX-FM 99.5 St. Petersburg – WTCX was a 31,000 watt classical music station and the first Tampa Bay FM to introduce stereo sound. It went on the air in 1959 from a tiny studio at the transmitter and tower site at 5750 North Haines Road in St. Petersburg, and was owned by Trans-Chord Company (Harry C. Offutt, Jr., president).  

Florida/Georgia country radio pioneer Marshall Rowland, owner of  Jacksonville’s WQIK, acquired the station, which was in bankruptcy and had gone silent, and turned it into Tampa Bay’s first stereo country music station, WQYK-FM, in 1971.

Other names from WTCX history include Murray Carpenter (president of Trans-Chord from 1963-1970), Harry Brown (GM/sales manager), John Herb (chief engineer), Ken Simpson (PD), John Walker (chief engineer), Dick Mattus (ass’t GM), Marie Carpenter (sales manager), Jim Sharp (chief engineer), David Knepper (sales), Connie McDonald (sales), Tim Trott, and Pat Munson.

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Station History

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