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Cigar Dave

Cigar Dave (David Zeplowitz) is the creator and popular host of “Smoke This,”  the acclaimed nationally syndicated radio program devoted entirely to the cigar lifestyle. That’s right, a nationally syndicated radio show about cigars.

Dave himself is a Buffalo, New York native and 1986 graduate of Syracuse University. His first show was broadcast for one hour in July 1995 from St. Pete’s WSUN and became an instant hit with its listeners known as “Cigar Lieutenants.”  It quickly expanded to two hours and entered national syndication the following December delivering current news and information regarding cigars, spirits and other lifestyle diversions.

Each week, from his opening greeting of “Long Ashes” to his national cigar lighting ritual, Cigar Dave (known as The General) is always truthful (so he says) and usually politically incorrect as he leads his troops in a battle against America’s self-anointed pleasure police (politicians and other public figures).  Another of the show’s popular features is the annual "Cigar Draft," a take-off on the annual Major League Baseball and NFL sports drafts. Listeners call in to show, which is broadcast live, and pick their favorite cigar by brand, vintage, size, version, and shape.

Cigar Dave’s loyal lieutenants refer to him fondly as The King of Coronas, the Pope of Panatelas, the Rabbi of Robustos, the Sultan of Smoke, the Professor of Puff, the Prince of Pleasure, the Cigar Sommelier, and the Connoisseur-in-Chief.  He says he traces his love of cigars back to his grandfather, “Cigar Abe,” who faithfully enjoyed Gold Label Cigars for many years.

In 2006, Cigar Dave began hosting his show on television Saturday nights (on ABC Action News WFTS Ch. 28), focusing on cigars, fine wines, grilling, and music around the Tampa Bay area. Today (2008), the radio show originates from Tampa’s 970 WFLA. It’s also broadcast on both XM and Sirius satellite radio, on the internet, and over more than 90 other local stations, usually on Saturday afternoons. The November 18, 2006 program was broadcast live from Ybor City, Tampa’s Latin Quarter, in celebration of the city’s annual Cigar Heritage Festival.

(For more about David Zeplowitz, see his bio in Who's Who.)

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